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More About Callington

This is the old Callington police station. It was in operation from 1867 to 1889.

It is now a Devonshire tea and coffee and antique shop called Lavendula.

The old Callington Police Station now Lavendula.

This is the old Callington post Office during the 1910's. There were several Post Offices during the history of Callington.
It is now Callington Emporium. Selling a selection of gifts and also some locally made gifts.

The old Post Office now Callington Emporium.

The Erskine Bridge was originally placed here in xxxx. It is a one lane bridge which is still used today. It stretches over the Bremer river which flows from Harrogate through to Lake Alexandriena. The Bremer river has flooded many times in the past.

Erkine Bridge stretching over the Bremer.

Information About Callington
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